Goalkeeper issues?

  1. Goalkeeper issues?

    On every football manager game in play i play my goalkeepers always do this shit little thing where they run out of their goal and then give the ball to the opposition player how can i fix this and stop it from happening?

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    No run forwards, make sure your GK have low eccentricity, minimum creativity.

  3. 2 Creativity and it is happening 3 or 4 times a season and its really stating to piss me off is there any way i can tell my goalkeeper to stop doing although you would think the would've learned by now.

  4. How high is your defensive line? If its high you could lower it to reduce the chance of him needing to come out.

  5. No it keeps happening when my players pass back to my keeper and i am getting pissed off with this shit happening all the fucking time.

  6. If your playing a high line then the other players will be high up the pitch also giving him no option to pass too, thus "panic clearing" or running with it

  7. no but he gets the ball in the box and even though there is plenty of time he chooses to run out of the box and then he has plenty of options and time to kick it to one of my players but chooses a opposition player

  8. is he set as a sweeper keeper?

  9. No he is not

  10. I think this is him making a bad decision when trying to "kick it long". Personally, I never see it as I have either " defender collect" or letting him through the ball quickly to the nearest defender, hence never using his feet.
    If its a pass backwards from a defender, then very little creativity actually restricts his options and he will focus more on the exact distribution you give him and if that option is not on, he will dwell on the ball and make a poor decision.

  11. My keeper plays a rather large part of my play, lol. As my tactic is focusing on a slow tempo with moderately deep line. In a lot of highlights my keeper ends up with the ball at his feet and does nothing stupid, he is et as a sweeper keeper to as I feel its the only way for a keep to be consistent as I find that if they don't attack the striker its an easy finish on this match engine. So I think its down mostly to the tactics you employ if your playing too fast or too long for your keeper to cope in possession.

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