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AMC- How to get lots of assists and goals?

  1. AMC- How to get lots of assists and goals?

    Basically my best player is the AMC hes the perfect number 10 so to speak, im looking for the best formation for him to get lots of goals and assists. Also player and team instructions would be grateful thanks

  2. My best player is also my AMC, he is a 2 times balon d or...will be a 3 timer next year probably...

    my setup is, having inside forwards, and a poacher/AF infront him.. i use a formation like Real madrid IRC...

    My AMC has full freedom, dribble always, run from deep sometimes.. also, i have a BWM and BBM behind him.. I also make him my set piece taker..

    a great AMC needs to have a great dribbling IMO, he swifts himself through the middle, then, either through or any of my IFs and striker are free. then he pass up... he got like 20+ goals and 40+ assists a season... though lately, he's been racking goals, maybe he is reaching his prime, now at 25
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  3. Most of the times, its as a false 10 behind a false 9.

  4. Who is your AMC do you have him as Terq,AM or AP ? how can you guys not mention names lol he sounds beast
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  5. If you make him to ATTACK and shout "run at defence" ...

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