Help... More In-Depth Scouting?

  1. Help... More In-Depth Scouting?

    Is it possible for me to allocate a scout to say... scout in a specific country (that he has knowledge of) and only for a striker?

    I have just got York City promoted to the premier league and I am looking for a star striker to add to the squad but my scouts have well over 1000 people scouted each and 99% of them are completely useless to me.

    So can i make them search more specifically?

  2. yes you can what you will need to do is go to scouting->click on assign scout(next to world knowledge->assign scout you want->new assignment(bottom left)->Help... More In-Depth Scouting?-2013-09-06_00004.jpg->Help... More In-Depth Scouting?-2013-09-06_00006.jpg->Help... More In-Depth Scouting?-2013-09-06_00005.jpg

    I hope this helps
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  3. Thank you very much!

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