Formed at country players

  1. Formed at country players

    Anyone could tell me this rule?
    What I have to do to get player "fromed at country 15-21" that isn't born in that country?
    I need to offer a youth contract before? or what else?

    I'm playing in Premier league 2014/15 and Now I've only 5 players formed at country 15-21...

  2. The players have to of played in that country for 3 years before they turn 21, so essentially they need to be signed to play in that country before they're 18

  3. Well, I think this is the rule for formed at club 15-21, but not for country.
    I've bought Kurt Zouma in the first season when he was 17, he's 19 now (2014-2015) and in 30/06/2015 will be formed at club 15-21, not country.... And many other players I've bought when they were 16-17 years old will be only formed at club (not country )

  4. To be formed at country would mean the player in question would have to have been produced by your own club or another club in the same league/country, hence "formed at country".

  5. If he's formed at club he's automatically formed in the country - given that your club is in the country concerned!

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