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Lower league guides

  1. Lower league guides

    After thinking if a challenge for ages, I have decided to start in the BSN and see where I get to either with the same team or by leaving clubs if I get a better offer.

    what I'm after is a general guide to lower league managing if there is one.


  2. Make sure you have some patience.......thats the main thing I can think of!! I had a great save with Salisbury in the BSS and took them to the prem.....took a long while but you gotta keep going!! Enjoy it, get the first season out the way and build your team!!
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  3. I think the best and most comprehensive guides are found over at SI. Now, these guides might not be for FM13 or contain any info about specific players but the generall concept will still be the same as it always has been.

    Just as some small pointers, I agree with the poster above.

    - Have realistic expectations
    Not many teams - if any at all- in real life have climbed the ladder in less than 15-20 years and actually managed to stay at the top.

    - Play to your strengths.
    There is no point trying to play an approach your players are not capable of

    - Build up the structure of the club
    If not upgrading the facilities or getting more crowd to the matches, time will catch up with you sooner or later if the progress on the field is way ahead of those in the rest of the club. My point here is not to expect to be able always get promoted if the club can't match your ambitions.

    - Don't build or the future, but for the reality you are in.
    Dont look at youngster that in a few years MIGTH turn into better players. Your level of coaches and facilities simply won't let them reach their potential ability anyway. Better than to get players that can do the job for you here and now.

    - Dont spend all the money
    It does not matter if the board gives you a transfer budget if you don't have any real money. In the end, its the same money an guy will only be spending from your " bank credit "

    - Try getting players that have stats much better than the opponents.
    At higher levels, this often means players with great Decision and Technique. Here, these stats are more likely to be Stregnths an pace.

    - Try to understand what builds a winning team.
    As in all sports, its about the winning mentality. Hardworking players with great mental stats will get you results.

    - No player is bigger than the club .
    If you get an offer you can't refuse, then don't. The same goes for a player that demands too much money

    - It's a long season
    Rotate the squad and have enough players in the first team and NO players in the reserves.

    - Look at the wages.
    If you have a high earner that is not really important, get rid of him.

    - Get in money by trying I play friendlies againt bigger teams.
    Dont underestimate how much 50k really is for a small club
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  4. More on Tactics

    look at it as in real life. Just like you would not try to get them to play the tiki-taka like Barca, you might not be able to play their high pressing game either. If your players lack in stamina, anticipation and positioning, they won't be able to save energy by being in the right place at the right time, and not be able to run those 11k every match. Monitor their condition during the game and look out for the correlation between their stats (above) , how muh they run with the ball, runs from deep and closing Down. Remember that playing on pitches in poor state is take more energy and is more demanding than playing at old Trafford.
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  5. Cheers for the replies guys.

    ive looked at the sides and its all new to me lol. Can you recommend any sides that will be pushing promotion first season and take it from there


  6. One more small hint

    As we mentioned patience before, I will talk about it some more as this is crucial to have. Just as the players are less gifted, they are also more likely to be less consisant( the hidden stat consistency) This means that in one game, you might win 4-0 since your players had a good day and the opponents did not. Next week, you could easily loose a similar game 4-0 when the circumstances are the opposite.

    When watching the actual match, its important to be patient to. As lesser players are more likely to make blunders, defensive errors, you will se more of these than if playing as Stoke or even Port vale. Now, as the animation is setup using the 3D, these mistakes might sometimes look hideous, but here, you just have to accept the fact that you can't have it all. The presentation of a player missing a pass being out if balance due to being under heavy physical pressure WILL look awful, almost like a bug. If you get to frustrated of this, then use the 2D animation instead as its more forgiving. Naturally, the players wwill make the same mistakes at th same rate, but it won't look so damn bad. When getting to a higher level, you should not use the 2D as then, you will miss out on the beautiful play where the 3D presentation is brilliant( highly unlikely to see many great goals in the BS"X".
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Joshdavies33 View Post
    Cheers for the replies guys.

    ive looked at the sides and its all new to me lol. Can you recommend any sides that will be pushing promotion first season and take it from there


    Dont look at the squad but at the structure and facilities of the club instead. Do you want a team with a stadium of 2k or one with a 12k all seater. As almost all teams are equally bad, this is what sets the difficulty level. Just ask yourself what you want out of the save. Staying with the club through out the save or using it as a way to greater things with a bigger team.

  8. Cheers for all that pal.

    i will have a think about wherever it will be a long term team or a stepping stone kinder thing

    again thanks
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