Editor problems

  1. Editor problems

    I know there is a global free agent challenge, but this was done on the default database with no updates or league changes and a number of players are in different positions now. So I just used the editor, using LFC Marshall's update and the global free agent challenge database. See but on this there are transfers from the summer, such as Fernandinho on Man City and Eto'o on Chelsea. Every single time I clear all players from every single team in the top leagues, and save the date file, when I go back into the file somehow the summer transfers are back on their new teams. I can't figure out how it keeps going back, even adjusting the budgets is fine but the players just keep reappearing. Any ideas of why this is happening?

  2. You have to individually go into each player and change their contacted club to none. Would be quicker to use the original database and just change the promoted and relegated teams yourself.

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