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Help with middlesbrough
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  1. For some reason Psg play Victor fuckin valdes over Salvatore Sirigu.


    13.6.2016 Sirigu joins Monaco. BOOM.

  2. The season is over., no Euro action next year wcich is dissappointing - and Montpellier the other team promoted from ligue 2 - Won the fuckin title. What the fuckin fuck.

  3. Also Geoffrey Kondogbia joins. who is in real life at monaco . . . . Then them bookies say we are second favorites to win the league after psg .. .. . Shit just got intense !

  4. But all of them key playahz is at the fuckin Olympic's.

    Kondogbia, simon, vidal, u name it they all there.

  5. Just splashed 21 million.

    BUT. IT was fuckin worth it.


  6. Last season we fuckin shipped 62 goals in 38 games.

    Now when we have added elite talent in Sirigu and Zouma, only 20 conceded is realism. And so is the title. Montpellier did it so why not Monaco ??

  7. Back in the game.

    Can you fuckin believe it - Corentin Jean scores 4 goals in monaco debut. It was league cup - but still 4 goals is 4 goals. BOOM.

  8. You've got to question someone taking the time to type swearwords !?

  9. Shit season is over. at league and lost cup final to Psg. At least we got Erik Lamela.

  10. November 2017. Board is pleased. Valenciennes away. 4-1 defeat.


    What the fucking fuck really.

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