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Maths-y thing and football manager and IB Math Exploration

  1. Maths-y thing and football manager and IB Math Exploration

    So, I have to do a research on Math and I have decided to do it on Football Manager. I have no solid question to explore yet but the few ideas I have been throwing:

    - Finishing attribute vs. Goals
    - Creativity vs. Passing (for # of assist)
    - Youth player development (probability of getting a wonderkid vs. youth academy rating)
    - How fm actually calculates the ratings of the player (hard!)
    - Valuation of players (how attributes affect value)
    - Something abt youth players (coaching)

    I cannot think of anymore but if you have anymore ideas with a lot of math related to it then it would be welcomed. My wish is that we can discuss these idea to come up with a concrete focus question that I can explore throughout the project and collect a lot of data from you guys but if that's not possible that's ok. I hope to hear the responses.
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  2. What did you end up doing?

    I'm currently doing my math exploration in sl and would be really interested in doing it on a topic in football manager.

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