Closing down "Own area", have you been successfully using this option?

  1. Closing down "Own area", have you been successfully using this option?

    Hello fellow FM-geeks!

    I am trying different solutions for my back four at the moment. Regarding the closing down for the back four. In my opinion it's not even worth trying the option of closing down own area, regarding of the position of the players. It MAY work for creative OMC's, but that's it... I think it's much better with pressing more, even for the defenders. Nothing seems to work if you tend to let the defenders press in their own area...So my question to you guys; have you ever successfully played with defenders (CB's) that just closing down in their own area?

    The same goes for mentality, it's not even worth to go with defensive, because then the defenders is to cautious in their approaches...

    Have a nice evening and sorry for my bad english!

  2. absolutely. Pretty much all of my successful tactics have the defenders only pressing in their own area, while all the other players press the whole field. You don't want your CB running out of position to harass some MC while the CF runs past him, gets a flick on and scores wide open, those are the worst kind of goals to give up.

    As far as mentality, yes overall team mentality I like attacking or overload, but still the defenders mentality is quite defensive.

    Try the Marcelo 3-1-4-2 in the tactics sub forum, its a beast tactic.

  3. Save for your centre backs, I find manually setting the closing down at the same point for the whole squad works really well. You might have to play around a bit until you find your notch, but I've been rock solid at the back since I've been using this.

    Also, I don't know if I read it here or on the Dugout, but someone talked about using a team setting for closing down being quite successful.

  4. Yes, Indeed I have.
    They are the last line of defense, I don't want CB's bombing all over the place closing everything that moves down.
    Generally (for me) I kind of close down less and less the closer the player plays to my goal.

    I could be wrong but I 'think' the D-line affects how much a player closes down too.
    (something I vaguely remember reading but can't remember full details)
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