Is this injury crisis for real?

  1. Is this injury crisis for real?

    Is this injury crisis for real?-liga-bbva_-stats-injury-table.png

    Is this injury crisis for real?-liga-bbva_-stats-injury-table-2.png

    Within a period of 3 months, I've got 5 players (4 starters) on 2-3 months out dude to torn hamstring (while chasing down....). Its making me it a bug?

  2. I suspect you're training your players too hard. Check the training section for individual players in your squad and look for their workload - I think your players will have a heavy workload. This can cause players morale to drop or worse, cause injury to be more likely. Reduce the amount of training they do to medium (or light if they are also busy learning other positions/preferred moves).

    Or you could just be really unlucky!

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