Cannot adapt to opponent successfully

  1. Cannot adapt to opponent successfully

    Hello guru's,

    To start...I am aware that you can't win EVERY game in Football Manager. I am also not looking for a "cheat"-tactic where you win 90% of the games. What I want should make the game FAR more enjoyable even though Football Manager 15 is approaching end October (I guess?).

    I just want the following thing to make FM 14 and perhaps FM 15, 16, ... more enjoyable. I want to achieve this by actually understanding what I am doing when I create a tactic, set player instructions, set team instructions and even "choose" the right players for the previous points based on "discoveries" by looking at the opponent, looking at the opponent's manager and looking at the scout report.

    At the moment I am in my second season of the Belgian first league with KV Mechelen. I TOTALLY overachieved that season and I played champions...although during the second half of the season just everything went wrong. I guess the game decided to make it harder and that way I fell into bad habits and trying...basically...everything to just win.

    It was that point where I decided to replay games until I won (making it easier to overachieve and well basically cheat) and even qualify for Champions League. Ofcourse I got tired of getting frustrated by trying everything and still lose until I found something successful for that fixture, without actually knowing WHAT made the success.

    So...enough mentioned before I am a mediocre team in the Belgian First Division with the name KV Mechelen. Last year I overachieved and got a lot of money to buy good players, which I think I did. After reading that you "should" base your tactic around your key-players.

    If I look at my team-report I can see the following things:
    Selection-Overview: the parts I learned about my squad depth are that I have a good midfield and attack, but that my defense is not good.

    The best-players per position are:
    Cannot adapt to opponent successfully-football-manager.jpg

    So, like I see it...:
    Goalkeeper: Great

    Central: Mediocre
    Right: Bad
    Left: Great

    DMC: bad
    MC: Great
    MR: Great
    ML: Great
    AMC: Very great (I even have 3 great AMC's)
    AMR: Great
    AML: Great
    ST: Great

    As everyone can see I have John Guidetti from Manchester City but that is only because KVM has a partnership with MCFC.

    Based on this information it seems like my "best" players, the players I have to base my tactic around are my attacking midfielders and ofcourse Guidetti who should be a "success" on goals. Although my defense is my backbone that probably will get exploited every game for a numerous of times as my central defence and right defence are terrible.

    What I also learned after searching/reading/etc. is that it is best to set player's roles/mentalities on their best role/mentality keeping in mind that the team should work as a unit and not as a bunch of individuals using their strengths and losing with their weakness.

    Is it wrong of me to believe that I should place the players in their best role/mentality and "tweaking" their flaws with the player settings? For example I take Josué and I look at what the scout think is his best role being "Advanced Playmaker". After highlighting this I get the following result:
    Cannot adapt to opponent successfully-josu%C3%A9.jpg
    I first have a question here on what I just saw: Right of the screen I have 1 star and if I hover it says "Average". What is this?

    Which player-settings should I take for this role for Josué?

    Josué's key-attributes are: First Touch, Passing, Anticipation, Creativity, Flair, Off The Ball
    Josué's minor-flaws are: Dribbling (although 14 is not really bad for Belgium First Division), Decisions and Teamwork

    Straightforward questions:
    - What should I learn from this?
    - What could be the consequences for rest of team?
    - Which player-settings could I give him to make use of his strenght's but convering his weaknesses?
    Cannot adapt to opponent successfully-advanced-playmaker-player-attributes.jpg

    I am aware it is a long post, but I would really appreciate some guidance.

  2. I just saw I posted this os 2013 part so this should be moved to 2014...

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