Anyone Have Success with Monaco?

  1. Anyone Have Success with Monaco?

    Have any of you had success managing Monaco? I realize the budget is very high and the players very talented but it seems like because there's so many new signings already on the team you're fired before they gel.

    The buy high-profile profiles philosophy is also hard to keep up with. Because while the squad is talented, the defense requires improvements which costs money and they're aren't a lot of high-profile players willing to join the club. (Costa can be bought fairly easily, but that wastes the whole budget and it's only one player which isn't enough at all to satisfy the board.) Any suggestions on high profile players I can bring in to satisfy the board?

    On the tactic front I've tried Arturo and MrHLocksmithTweak, which are great tactics but don't seem to do the trick. So I'm also wondering what people think I should be looking at there. Is it better to go with a more rigid setup when the team itself hasn't yet gelled at all?

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