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    I have just finished the season and I am managing Bromley after a fairly successful last few months after being sacked by Charlton.

    The contracts of about 16 players (a lot of them first team players) and about 4 members of staff (including my Assistant Manager) are about to be up. Problem is I just don't seem to have the money to afford the wage demands on the contract negotiation page. I try to increase the other elements of the contract like length and goal bonuses as a compensation for less money but it does not seem to work. For example a Central Defender called Moses Swaibu wants £825 p/w but I can't afford it. Nor can I afford the £925 p/w asked by Ali Fuseni who is a Central Midfielder.

    Because I don't have any money hardly I can't sign players either.

    Looking at the "balance" on the finances page I seem to be £181k in the red and a profit/loss of £13k-.

    I am scared to lose them all and be left with nothing. No staff and no team. Just a load of reserve and U18's.

    What do I do?
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  2. Only way I can see is that you will have to sell some players to get out of debt. More or less grin and bear it for the coming season and see where you are. No magic formula I'm afraid!

  3. no no no, just wait. You won't get a new accurate wage budget until after the season ends. You can negotiate with some of them, some more than others. For example anyone that loves the club will sign for less, and players that are more adaptable (which is hidden, but you can get a feel for it).

    You can even give them a false squad status (key player) so you can sign them, then after they sign, immediately put them on "first team" or "rotation", and just let the board of directors eat the head on being over budget, they won't mind if you win the league after all.

    Also just pick your battles, and concede the ones you can't win. Just be realistic, if Ali Fuseni wants 925/wk and you can get a similar players for 300, then it is time to let him go. It is wise to even have some youth players as backups so you can save money in certain areas, and splurge on important roles. I've even used youth players as backups as title winning teams in the Premier league, you just have to be careful when and how you use them.

    Also in general if your team is poor, and in a bad financial status, it is wise to not sign a bunch of players. All of the signing bonuses etc will add up and can really hurt your short term status. If you do this and then don't play attractive winning football, it will be a lose lose. Another thing is focusing on attacking football. Even if you don't win the league every year, having a high goal count will draw the fans in and help your finances. Don't forget big team friendlies for the extra cash in the preseason.

  4. Try to free up some wage budget early by offering the players you don't want to retain by offerring mutual terminations (they'll usually accept for free if they are in the last month of their contract). Getting them off the wage bill should mean the board allow you to offer more to the players that you do want to keep. As above, don't waste big money on players who aren't special though.

    Oh, and be a very tough negotiator. They should never accept the first offer.

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