I got a 16 year old girl in my U18 Team

  1. I got a 16 year old girl in my U18 Team

    Hi! I'm kind of new to FM (this is my first FM game) and even though I've been here reading some threads before I'm also new to this forum. Either way I created a new save with Boston United in Blue Square Bet North on FM 13 and ticked "Add players and key staff" in the begining when I started the save so when I went to my U18 Team and saw this... well, let's just call it person for now.

    I got a 16 year old girl in my U18 Team-emma-sodje.png

    I know you can get/have female staff but I guess it shouldn't be possible to get female players as FM are programmed right now or am I wrong? Has this happend for anyone before?

  2. ...that's quite clearly a male. Regens get all sorts of weird names, even some that contain words pertaining to the male genitalia. If this kid has African heritage, which if he were a real person I would assume he has due to his surname, it isn't unthinkable he'd have a name we associate with something else.

  3. Yes he/she is half nigerian. Well I guess that it's a guy but since I can't figure out a way to prove it, I will count her as a girl haha Has anyone seen a player with a female first name before?

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