Is there a solution to this?

  1. Is there a solution to this?

    Hello Football Managers,

    Could somebody please tell me if this is my fault and if there is a solution.

    I'm managing Stalybridge Celtic in the BSN first season, we are in late February and almost every two weeks I get an inbox message saying the board have injected funds to help with running cost. I am in the red with regards to finances but my wage budget is healthy, I have £300 to use if needed so I have not gone overboard there.

    Am I likely to get sacked because of this? Or is there something I could do to improve the money side?

    Thanks all

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    You're in late February, that's always one of the times of the season when you'll be in the black. Competition prize money and next seasons season tickets should hopefully bring you back into the black.

    Have a look at the bonuses your players are gettign in their contracts. A 30+ goal scoring striker once bankrupted my club since he was earning 5k per goal and he went on and scored 40 odd goals for me.

  3. Don't worry too much about this, it is just how lower league clubs survive. Increase revenue by increasing attendances (you can achieve this by winning games)/selling players/progressing in cup competitions. The board are unlikely to increase your budget if they regularly have to do this. Good luck - I started out with Stalybridge.

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