FM2013 way too easy.

  1. FM2013 way too easy.

    Hey Guys. I have been playing FM since CM97/98 and right now im playing FM2013. This is the first time i think its so easy its not realistic anymore. I have been playing with Tonbridge and now play in the Premiership. What bugs me the most is that while i was climbing up trough the divisions i had some great talents, for instance this goalkeeper that could become a leading goalie for Premiership and i got zero interest in him from other clubs. Now as i play in Premiership i find tons and tons of kids who can become leading players in the Premiership. Its totally unrealistic.

    Any idea on which version is more realistic? Fm2014, 2015, 2016 or 2017? I will buy that one and start anew. Thx alot.

  2. fm 13 most realistic best game engine ... best tactics best scouting best manager profiles (real life managers). I saw some dudes going up the table you can do it because you have brutal knowledge what players are good , who are bad. Its outdated you know.No new players etc

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