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Features missing in FM2012 and new features for FM2013

  1. gogogo golem
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    Quote Originally Posted by AceAvenger View Post
    So it's not enough loading all the leagues in France?
    I don't know, that's the only way where you're guaranteed to get them.

  2. I wanna see more importance for scouts in next versions ... for example possible wonderkids blocked or hidden before you send a good scout in that zone . This will make the game more interesting and scouters will become more important (will be more realistic cause scouts are real gold in real life ) A good scouter should cover the area much better and unlock players more easily .This will make silly manager to avoid using tools like scout genie cause in real life we dont have such a tools )) and scouters make the job for it and team with good scouters like Arsenal or Shaktar got the advantage

  3. I'd like to see a more complicated construction of tactics, thus testing football manager players to take gambles and make it difficult, and due to the complicated tactics, there will be more things to command the players to do, making the tactic simply spot on if it works. I'm talking Barca/Spain-esque domination. Although good amount of possession is possible in fm12, I want even better and more passes completed possible. this weekend Liverpool managed 700 (exact) passes completed against Norwich, in fm12 the best I can do is 400 (rounded off) even with the best passers in the world. I'd also like the use of scouts to be rare. You just send your scouts to the world, and you get the best players around instantly. I'd like the managers to have a bigger role in this. With the inclusion of U21 Premier League, fm players should be allowed to watch matches (in fm) to judge how good/consistent the player is and then get him into the first team. Same goes for buying players. If you're interested in somebody, watch how he plays in some matches and then judge whether he's good enough not just simply sending a scout and seeing the potential/ability rating there and then. I'd love you guys if this is done, even if it takes a few years and few more games released. I just want this eventually as this is the most realistic and addicting football game on the planet. I'm just shocked that not many people know about this, and only fifa which isn't quite as accurate. Maybe advertising? Just a tip.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by epic terrorist View Post
    one thing i would personnally like to see would be the inclusion of a separate career mode where it plays out a little bit different. rather then taking control of a team etc like you do now. you should be able to create a manager then sit a FA style exam on coaching etc to determine your attributes reputation etc, then I think you should sit an open ended test to determine how you like your team to play for example get given certain situations in a match like full back intercepts the ball what should he look to do with it A)pass inside to centreack B)hit long to target man etc. then after this your coach is created then with relevant UEFA/FA coaching badges then apply for reserve team/youth team jobs dependant on rep and attributes then work your way up the ladder winning reserve/youth leauges or u19 champions league. or be made interim manager if manager is sacked and earn your coaching badges ala real life sorry if someone has put this already cba to read all pages.

    i also think they need to create a new game coz to me it feels like ive been playing the same game since 2008 just a bit more polished each year and im bit bored of it but that is just my personal opinion
    i love this idea
    would be able to work your way up and be assistant to people like di mateo in real life finally get the chance to run chelsea for example i think this would be a good inclusion

  5. I Think You Should Be Able To See The Tunnel Instead Of Players Disappearing Into Thin Air

  6. I have two things that really grind my gears,

    1) The team talks are utter garbage, i got beat by Anjhi Makala???lala 3-0 at home as Arsenal and i have 2 shots in the whole game and i feel that the team may need a bit of a reality check, i say "we werent good enough today we need to step up our game against better oposition" and there reaction basically every player changed to "ANGRY" and from this aaron ramsey and scezhney want to leave the club this is utter shite and unrealistic and needs changing......

    2) The shouts need to be adjusted as they are very limited and the ability to shout to specific areas will be better, just like how they have changed the team talks so you can say differant things to defenders, midfielders and attackers.......this should be adapted to the player shouts aswell so for example you should be able to tell the midfielders to "exploit the middle" and the attackers to "hassle opponents" so that there is constant pressure on the opposition.

  7. I hope the get Monaco's taxes right, I mean Monaco is a tax haven, since taxes are going to take effect in the game, if you sign a player for AS Monaco he should not get taxed one cent and they still get to play in the French leagues, a major advantage over other teams because income tax is pretty high in France.

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