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Who you going to be on FM 13? - Football Manager 2013
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  1. I`ll play in Spain,Germany or Engalnd but a middle team something like schalke,werder, ok schalke isn`t a middle team but he is not bayern...fulham,new castle,malaga etc.

  2. Im currently in 26/27 season with Blackpool so probably i'll be Blackpool (Blackpool Fan ) or rebuild Pompey. C'mon 2nd November.

  3. Well only one team for me, start with them every new Fm game every year, in at the deep end everytime Man Utd, could never be anyone else's manager, Red Devils all the way for me.

  4. Probably I will start with any of the teams that I like (most likely to pick PSG). If not them, I would also be interested in some italian team such as Fiorentina or Roma.

  5. preston north end home team

  6. As an Arsenal supporter, I'll play with Arsenal as I have done from the first time that I have played FM. Full squad revolution already planned. No to just get the game to put that revolution in action! Cannot wait.

  7. I'll start with arsenal because I support them. I will keep playing with arsenal until I get the feel of the game. Once I do get to know the game I might go for something more challenging depending on how my arsenal save is going. If it doesn't go well I will go for a harder challenge. maybe a league 2 team

  8. Fredrikstad FK,Leeds and Liverpool. Not sure who I'll play first though.

  9. Sheffield Wednesday. Brighton. Swindon. Cardiff. Leicester. Blackburn. Leeds.
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  10. I'm going to go for port vale. Got loaned out to them on fifa13 so I'm going to take that as a sign. Can't wait hurry up 2nd November

  11. will fm13 add Barclays U21 Premier League ?

  12. I will start with <3 Arsenal <3

  13. Im thinking of going with Portsmouth for the challenge of it all but I might go with Crewe or Bradford...
    I usually pick a lower league team to start off then depending on how things go I sign for the biggest team possible or as soon as I can take the Aston Villa job...

    Charlton -2012
    Southampton -2011
    Notts County- 2010
    MK Dons -2009
    Peterborough -2008

    I support Villa

  14. Interesting question. My big games from 2012 were:

    Chelsea - three/four seasons standard performances before becoming the richest, most successful team in the world for ten seasons.
    Sunderland - Champion's League winners in 7 years.
    Brighton and Hove Albion - Became the new bouncing baggies, between Premier League and Championship for several seasons, including one ill-fated Europa League campaign.
    Dartford FC - Blue Square South to Premier League mid-table mediocrity in 15 years.
    and one save in Brazil - Brasiliense from Campeonato Brasileiro Série C to Série A in 5 years, then Sao Paolo to Copa Libertadores glory in 2 years.

    I also had a raft of unfinished games from the mid-level English Leagues. Got Shrewsbury promoted but got bored, won the Championship with Watford and ditto. I also made a start on the San Marino Challenge but didn't have enough time to really stick to it.

    I think this year I'll have to start with Chelsea as always. Then I like the look of Fulham, they could be a good save. I'd also like to take a team from League 2 to European glory, Swindon and Gillingham both have good support and youth academies so they could be a good shout.

    In terms of challenges I'll have a crack at some of the longer term ones. The San Marino Challenge is a long-term goal for me, and the Pentagon Challenge could be an even longer term adventure, depending on how much time I have.

    That should take up the year until 2014 nicely

  15. QPR.Small team,big money.Rebuilding process.

  16. Malaga- bankrupt with poor squad but in cl
    Swansea- because its swansea
    Bayern- so that i can sell robben
    Psg- MONEY!!!!
    Wrexham- because their welsh

  17. I think I'm going to be Borussia Dortmund as recently I've really been enjoying their football as well as their players they have. I will probably do a man utd save as it's the team I support. Then I will try to do a Championship team possibly Blackpool.

  18. Tvvente

  19. Monaco have REALLY interested me recently, they go against my inclination to build teams using my footballing ingenuity rather than huge pay-checks but their history and stuff really interests me. I might go with them rather than Lorient or Nantes.

    Torino is another possibility, huge history, would have been a club as big as Real Madrid if fate was kinder, might take them to the very top.
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  20. Going to be PSG bit of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva. hopefully get at least 45 million if not more at least thats what it should be. going to sign a few Dortmund players GOTZE, Gundogan. may even bid for Cavani. then a game with Man u of course may try with Sunderland see if i can break into the top 4. Then an international stint with Wales. Whens the demo Out??????? BUZZZING

  21. DaSiimM's Avatar DaSiimM
    First Team
    I'll have to expand the Danish league system with 3-6 more divisions, to be able to play with my local team Hvalsø IF once again, and bring them to Champions League glory. Looking forward to it.

  22. Dorchester Town.

  23. Whats the point in being a side like Manchester city, i can understand PSG because they have money but their squad isn't really strong in depth also you have the chance of winning the champions league from the outside odds. BUZZING

  24. I might try managing Rangers, and putting their house in order - selling or releasing all the players on Premier league contracts and
    going with an all-scots youth system and making them live within their means.

  25. Sunderland interset me good wingers decent new stiker in Steven Fletcher plus Sessognon howver need to improve on the full backs and Centre midfielders. Secondly with Rangers gone the SPL looks good if your a side like Motherwell, Hearts and Dundee Utd pushing for the champions league spot.
    Then theres Bundesliga with Dormund can u win three on the bounce and progress in europe or recover with Bayern Munich to win the league after dotmunds brilliance. Personally i favour Dortmund just the system they play and what they've acheived with such a small budget.

    May head into La liga to stop the Barca and Real dominance best bet will probaly be Althletico madrid or Bilbao.
    Then to Russia with Zenit try to dominate russia and progress in Europe with the likes of Hulk and Witesel, the foreign palyer restriction is bugger with all the money their aren't that many world class russian players.
    Next is the Serie A with Inter and Milan struggling Juve are climbing high so why not regain the title with Milan or Inter plus you could be an outsider with napoli or LAzio Thanks

    PSG aka money bags $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Dortmund ROCKKK

  26. Probably go

  27. Quote Originally Posted by Ched View Post
    Secondly with Rangers gone the SPL looks good if your a side like Motherwell, Hearts and Dundee Utd pushing for the champions league spot.
    European places for 2013/14

    Scotland are currently 18th in the UEFA country ranking list which means the following in terms of qualification for the 2013/14 European competitions:

    SPL winners Champions League Qualifying Round 2

    Runners-up Europa League Qualifying Round 2

  28. alright then Macsimmy sorry i got it wrong but for a start the 1st season on FM will 2012/13 so i am right PSGGGG

  29. Quote Originally Posted by Ched View Post
    alright then Macsimmy sorry i got it wrong but for a start the 1st season on FM will 2012/13 so i am right PSGGGG
    Read it again dude, qualification for the 2013/14 European competitions.

    Which takes place in...

  30. I'll do a couple of saves, one with a lowest-possible-league English team, and maybe one with Villarreal CF. I'm a life long Man City fan, but experience tells me those saves are not as fun as the more challenging ones.

  31. chappazz88's Avatar chappazz88
    • chappazz88's Avatar

    • !! For a Knight of the Realm, there is an honour and code of conduct to be adhered to in battle. Integrity, loyalty, faith and respect were a part of life as contests took place on the field of war in the Middle Ages. Times, though, have changed!!!
    i was thinking,it hurt! i will be man united instead of dortmund,ad i think that man u need a lot of work,so much dead wood in the squad,i will prob sell loads of players and build from there.

  32. Think i'll start of as Rangers because i support them and it'll be a good challenge from the third to the spl !!

  33. I support Inter I usually start off with them but then I get bored quickly with them so then I'd play more challenging games maybe with Villareal, QPR or Pescara. Then Rangers game sounds interesting also maybe it could play it on the side but I'm terrible in the lower divisions.

  34. Brighton of course!

  35. Man United to begin with, or take PSG to the top of the world and wait for fergie to retire.

  36. I'll be heading straight to the data editor... Sports Interactive FC or maybee A.Another

  37. As always since I'm playing this game (RIP Todorov), I'll be PSG for sure (even if it's gonna me reaalllly simple this time) !!!

    PSG rocks !!

  38. Only one team to start with! HTFC!

  39. Man City - I'm liking it, so not used to the new set up as yet, too used to my old skin

    but looks really shiny and you get a bit more info from the back team support and the chairman told me he wants exciting football andbig money transfers and then give me 30mil too spend, not even enough for Falcao.. cheap git.

  40. Took me about 3 hours to perfect my tactic through pre-season. Worth it in the end it seems, couldn't believe the possession I got haha. Love this game. Such an improvement.

  41. Dawsyboy-Lavezzi
    A blue Square premier side. Thinking gateshead!

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