FM 13 Custom face pack not working?
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  1. FM 13 Custom face pack not working?

    I download a custom facepack, and i put it in the folder faces with the folder graphics, however they do not seem to show up, i don't know why because the logos i have work on it, just these don't?
    Where exactly do i put them? I know it's in graphics, but do you have to put it in another folder in graphics?
    Such as:
    graphics>faces>[custom facepack folder here]
    graphics>faces>[faces in here]

    I have no idea?

    At the moment i have it as:

    and the images are in the faces folder.

    I know it works because i tried it on my Windows computer and they show up.
    And does it matter what the facepack folder is called as well?
    Im on a Mac by the way running Mountain Lion

    Can somebody help me out.

  2. Have you been into your preferences and changes your interface settings? If not you need to untick the box that says "use caching to decrease page loading times" and tick the box underneath it that says "reload skin when confirming changes in preferences" my face pack is in the same folder as youve made and when I changed them settings they worked fine for me.

  3. As i wrote above i have put kits in and they work fine, therefore yes i have gone into settings and done that.

  4. Did you reload the skin?

  5. Yes.

  6. Having the same problem mate, any luck in sorting it out?

  7. SMcManus84's Avatar SMcManus84
    Man Utd & Burnham FC First Team
    Hi, do the mods from fm12 work on 13, facepacks, team badges, competition names and logos, Germany squad fix, stadium backgrounds?

    I've only just got the beta, wanna play a few games before I waste all night trying to sort out that stuff??!!



  8. rename your 'faces' folder 'players'

    documents>Sports Interactive>football Manager 2013> graphics> players

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Terry Hawkins View Post
    rename your 'faces' folder 'players'

    documents>Sports Interactive>football Manager 2013> graphics> players
    I encountered interesting results using my Mac.
    Using the above mentioned methods, I managed to load the club logos, kits, flags BUT couldn't load the player's faces.
    I have tried both methods.
    I renamed 'faces' to 'players'
    Repeated all permutations and still the player's faces doesn't load

  10. Having the same problem on my mac,
    I downloaded mine from sortitoutsi via 4shared as a 16 part mirror package, put all the downloads into the folder but doesn't work, however it does work with some players, no idea how to fix it, maybe it was a crummy download with some faces missing, has anyone else downloaded from there as well?

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