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Spanish Complete for FM13
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  1. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    Spanish Complete for FM13

    I've finished today the preparations for the database for the new FM. I've updated the preferente level as it is, filled the lower levels than that and left the teams promoted to Tercera in a dummy league. Now I just need to wait for the full release, load the db in the new editor, check Tercera, see what new teams have been added and see if I find them a spot in the low divisions and test them. Hopefully I can do the first part the same day of release and the next to play a full season to the start of the second to check on promotions and relegations working right.

    In the new version, though there may be a few changes from now, hopefully not many will be needed, most will work as in the previous with just the changes due to the bigger amount of teams for the Provinciales (the seventh level) that has now nine groups instead of six.

    Tercera is 18 groups of 18-22 teams, top four of every group join for a promotion for 18 promotion places. Four bottom teams get relegated.

    Below is Preferentes, 36 groups. Due to working of the system, it's not 100% as in real life, as I had to keep them to 36 groups and the real system has 40. Menorca and Ibiza groups are merged. Ceuta and Melilla merged with Andalucía's groups. The teams of the third group for Extremadura are spread between the two I made and La Rioja's.

    Levels below are fictitious:


    Divided by regions like this:

    1 - Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, La Rioja
    2 - Guipúzcoa, Vizcaya, Álava, Navarra.
    3 - Aragón
    4 - Cataluña
    5 - Castilla y León
    6 - Madrid
    7 - Comunidad Valenciana
    8 - Baleares
    9 - Extremadura
    10 - Castilla La Mancha, Murcia
    11 - Andalucía occidental, Ceuta, Melilla
    12 - Andalucía oriental, Canarias

    Top two teams of each group are promoted. Bottom team of each group is relegated to Honor (6th level).

    Honor level has twelve groups, top two are promoted, next four enter promotion for the remaining 12 places. Bottom three are relegated to Provinciales.

    Provinciales has no region separation, it's nine groups. No relegations. Top two teams promote to Honor, next four of each group enter play offs for the remaining 24 promotion places.

    I won't be changing the B systems or making a reserve league.

    There may be a test to see if changing some options I can get Preferente as it really is, but that'd be for a future version o it. Very unlikely.

    Teams have a random creation date except the few cases where I could know it or gave the same of the A team if a B.

    Kits are also not the real when not given in the table of the federation in easy link. When a B team I copied the A. Only created the home kit, trusting (or hoping) the secondary the game will create automatically will be good enough. Unless the home was all white, in which case I created an away.

    Except a very few I assigned an stadium, I didn't touch it. I touched only the main information team, competitions it belongs to in the levels where there's regional separation, kits and affiliation when it was a B team, nothing else. So during the few months of game you'll get your inbox bombarded with messages about Team X hiring manager Y, unless you change your subscriptions to avoid it.


    Download link for the Complete version with seven levels and as real as it can be down to fifth: Here


    The file for the transfer update, patch 13.3 is uploaded Here

    It also solves the maximum teams for Spanish Segunda B, so Yeclano is where it belongs in B3.

    The database for those who want to use it over the 13.0.0 default database that solves the Yeclano being in a B3 with 21 teams is here
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  2. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    Arrrg, damnit!. This version has made changes to some data structure, so it doesn't load the FM12 data correctly like Fm12 did with FM11. Yay, in FM12 I assumed it wouldn't and found it would after release, now that I prepare for if it works, it doesn't.

    So this is what I'm doing: I will be activating Tercera and what there is of Preferente level and test it to upload a first database. Probably tomorrow will be prepared. Preferente at this moment have, from looking at a couple of its divisions, 8-12 teams in each, I think I'll make it like a Scottish league, that is four matches against each other for a total of 30-40 fixtures per league season. I will also have to merge Melilla, Ceuta and Ibiza leagues with others to keep it at a multiple of Tercera groups.

    Then, taking time and without taking from FM13 play time like past version, I will first have a small look through a dummy database with one league and one team created with FM13 with another from FM12, so if therer's a small difference I may be able to add "manually" through perl or something like that, I will see to get the full seven levels done and imported. Otherwise, I will have to remake it from scratch, in which case I'll do at a pace of one division per day and will be a five levels, as FM13's database has no extra Spanish teams out of the league system (only one is Logroño) and I will not be making more not-100%-true-to-real-teams teams than needed to fill the empty spots.

    I'm betting that things will go for the latest, so the full would take around two months to be done.

    P.S. - I just see today there's a forum section for transfer updates and custom leagues, apologies then for having posted this thread here.

    EDIT - Ok, so in Preferentes there's leagues with up to 22 teams and down to 3 so, I may be doing either some redistribution or creating a few teams, I'm inclined for the first due to ease
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  3. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    The file has been uploaded, when approved the link.

    Forgot to copy the description and I'm not in the mood of rewriting all of it.

    Apart from the issues mentioned, I've found that Second B3 has 21 teams as it should, but the database restricts Second B groups to 20, so I've had to choose one team (the one that is currently bottom in reality, Yeclano) and put it in Tercera grupo 6 (being the least populated).

    Preferente is 36 groups, numbered, of 12 (thirty of them) or 10 teams ( 6 ). In the list of groups when choosing teams, the groups are not in order, but being as the numbering I gave them is consistend with the ID ordering, I don't know what to do about it.
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  4. I have approved this for you now.

  5. Best database out there IMO.

    Cultural Leonesa will rise to glory once more!
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  6. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    It doesn't show. The additional leagues says 1 file, but when I go there it's empty. I've cleared the cache and still doesn't show.

  7. Great work. Can't wait to use this.


  8. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    File is up. Download link

    And now that the file shows, in the listing the additional leagues section says 0 files.


    What is it?

    The FM13 existings leagues below Second B made playable in different degrees of realism by game limitations.

    It is a zip with two versions of the database: compressed dbc and uncompressed xml, to account for the chance of some having trouble with one or the other.


    Extract the version you want to use, compressed or uncompressed (only one needed) into C:\Users\user_name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\editor data\ for Vista/7/8?
    C:\Documents and settings\user_name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\editor data\ for XP and older.
    Or the folder you chose if you changed it. Or the equivalent in Mac.


    When creating a new game, a pop up window will ask you for database to use, in the bottom right there's a checkbox, tick it and then you'll be sent to a window with a list of the databases you have in the corresponding folder. If you extracted both dbc and xml, both will show, tick one of them (NOT both) and any other database you may want to use, press next and that's it.


    Unfortunately, the database wrongly states, when one sets for adding new divisions, that Second B groups are forced to 20 teams. However, Second B3 contains, as it should, 21 teams. That causes the editor to report an error and the game to do likewise. Being as rebuilding from scratch implies some changes that I'm not sure how they'd work, what I've had to do in order to release this database is to move Yeclano down to Tercera, group 6. I chose Yeclano because it's currently the bottom team in B3 and Tercera Group 6 because it was the least populated.

    Tercera is 18 groups. Top four enter an unique cup system of two one-legged play offs for the 18 promotion spots. Bottom four are relegated to Preferente level.

    Due to the incompatibility with FM12 databases from the new club roles added, teams as well as leagues fail to be imported, which means all the work I had to set the groups to which each team would belong at each level has been lost. Therefore, when promoting and relegation, except for an undetermined proportion, the teams won't be directed to the groups they belong to. That is the reason why I've changed the Preferente groups from their original and right names (though it's missing some groups) that identify the region they belong to, to a mere numbered list of groups from 1 to 36. As it happens here appears a problem: when looking for a team in the choose one to manage, the list of groups if not ordered, but since the group order corresponds to the unique IDs, I don't know how to get the list to be right, so you'll have to work through it.

    Changing names was not the only change, the other thing I did was to redistribute the teams so the groups will be as uniform as possible, choosing to make them 30 groups of 12 teams and 6 of 10. At this level I've made the league to have two rounds, on account of the small amount of teams.

    At the end of the season, the top team of each group is promoted to Tercera, and the second and third of each group will enter an unique cup promotion system of a single one legged round to decide the other 36 promotion places. No relegations.

    Note that filial teams must be at least one level below their main, so the B has to be below the A, the C below the B and so on. If one parent team was in the league above and gets relegated, the last relegation of the one league will move to its filial if it's in that level. If Team A was in Second B3 and Team B was 13th in Third 15 with 20 teams, and Team A is relegated, the 17th of Third 15 will not be relegated but Team B will be instead.

    Future plans

    My intention is to start at a calm pace, one division per day, to remake the team assignment of divisions at each level and eventually recreation of the Preferente level, with the needed changes to keep it to 36 teams (merging Ceuta, Melilla, Ibiza and Extremadura 3 groups with others). But that will take at least two months.

    Comments, issues

    Make them here
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  9. Death Ball's Avatar Death Ball
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    Ok, quick update on future plans:

    I'm not trying to make the old database compatible.

    That's because I've found a page with easy navigation where I can find easy links for kits and stadium. It still only tells what's the home kit, so the away will still be left for the game to generate automatically unless the home is white (in that case I'll make it with the colours from the team badge). While I'm not going to add the stadiums (and neither presidents, as 1- much more time consumed 2 - I bet many of the already created teams don't have one, though still temptation to check this and if wrong maybe doing that) I'm setting the capacity and attendance. Maximum set to the stadium's capacity, attendance to 30-50% maximum and minimum to 10% attendance-maximum as whim strikes me or random number below the previous teams created numbers when available.

    I'm setting the prestige number (right now the word escapes me) to 10% the stadium capacity when available, if not, somewhere along the lines of the previous based on whether the database has or not the town the team belongs to.

    The page also tells the founding year.

    Plus now I'll be keeping a coherent way to set full and short name.

    Because of all that, I think it's pretty clear that remaking it all will end in a better finished product than managing to make the old FM12 database compatible (if that is even possible, which is very doubtful, so in the end I'm just saving that work).

    I've begun with the Preferente Galicia Norte, which has been done. Tomorrow Galicia Sur, next another group... once Preferente is done, I'll be moving up to set groups for region separated divisions to every team and then set the remaining teams without a division to a lower level - Honor.

    Since I have found that there's a bunch (up to 180 teams) in "División Regional" and I don't think they'll all be used in the Preferentes, I'm already preparing the División de Honor level, which will be set again to twelve groups. Created the first "División de Honor 1 Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria y La Rioja", and the rest will be created likewise.

    So it will end being six levels (groups) , BBVA(1)-Adelante(1)-2ªB(4)-Tercera(18)-Preferentes(36)-Honor(12) and hopefully of 20 teams each in every level *fingers crossed*

    P.S. - Since I found those teams in that division and there may be a few more without nation assigned, I may updated this first file uploaded to make the lowest level be groups of around 16 teams that play two rounds like the rest if you guys want me to do that?. Else I'll prefer to use that time in the final Spanish Complete and have it released a bit earlier.

  10. I'm interested in playing as FC Andorra, But didn't find them in this database. Would you know what league are they actually in? I just fancy coining a great Andorran challenge!

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