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Can't find the editor in Steam FM 2013
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  1. Can't find the editor in Steam FM 2013


    I have tried to find the data editor under 'Tools' in Steam to install the application however it can't be found.

    I used the instructions over several websites that states I have to install the editor through Steam but it just doesn't show.

    Any help at all?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Re:

    Hi Amit.

    I found it no problem:

    Just click on Tools and it is under 'Eternal Science Dedicate Server'.

    The Resource Archiver is there as well.

  3. View > Tools > Football Manager 2013 Editor

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    I have the same problem, refreshed and changed modes, still none there. All I get is FM12 editor and resource archiver.
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  5. Hi Simon, as you said I installed the above as you said but theres no editor or resource archiver?

    Don't suppose you have any other suggestions?

  6. I had the same problem until i noticed that even after uninstalling and reinstalling from my disk, it still said I had beta. Thats why you dont have it in the Tools section. What you need to do is use the code you got with the game, activate it on Steam and then let it install the remaining files. Then you can see Editor in Tools section and you have noticed that when you enter the game, the BETA letters in bottom right corner have disppeared aswell.

    Try this and reply whether it worked. Think it will.

  7. I have the same problem. The game does not say "Beta", but there are no tools either. I uninstalled and reinstalled - still no tools. Extraordinarily frustrating!

  8. Uninstall FM2012 Editor then and make sure you've used the code you got.

    Other than that, I dont know. The above mentioned things worked for me.

  9. SMcManus84's Avatar SMcManus84
    Man Utd & Burnham FC First Team
    I couldn't find it either, exited steam went back in and the editor and resource archiver were underneath the fm12 ones ready for download.

  10. In my case, I never installed FM2012 on this machine, so there is no issue there. It's possible that the entire Steam download is incomplete or bugged. I will raise a support request with Sega.

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