Editor changes dont show up in game?

  1. Editor changes dont show up in game?

    I've added a few new players to Newcastle United and changed a couple of other things such as stadium expansion then when i went to start a new game on FM13 when i get to the point where i pick my database it shows that i have made 3 changes but when i start the game it doesnt have my edited details in, can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

  2. Created players don't seem to want to work atm, all other things should work as long as it was saved.

  3. that explains it then, thanks!

  4. can someone upload the editor to a file sharing site? i get my key on the 5th of november i nly have he beta

  5. Doesnt that take the mick....
    I spent about 2-3 hours re-creating my own custom team from fm12 only to see all 17 players dont work.

  6. wonder how long it will take them to fix it, not long i hope.

  7. Same here. Spent best part of two hours altering and creating new player profiles for a new Fiorentina save only to find out when i went through the loading new game process they didn't appear!!
    Will this be rectified soon? FM is good but even better when you create your own youngsters and watch them reach the top.

  8. if you edit players already in the game it works! i had the same problem - pick out someone in the team under 18 or reserves and change them to what you want -

  9. "if you edit players already in the game it works"

    Not for me it doesn't. I haven't created any new players, only edited existing players. I've tried several times, and I know I'm doing it the right way - I've played FM for years and never had this problem. I even checked Game Status, and the correct number of database changes made are displayed. So in theory, all the changes should be there, but they're not. The weird thing is, certain changes ARE saved, some are not. Could this have anything to do with CA/PA? Do these need to correspond with changes made to attributes somehow?

    EDIT: Most of the changes I've made are in different attributes. To take one specific player as an example: I changed Strength from 14 to 15 - this hasn't changed in the game. I changed Determination from 18 to 19 - this change IS in the game. I changed Positioning from 13 to 15 - this is now 14 in game. This doesn't make any sense. What's the point with an editor if the editor decides how seriously it's gonna take the changes? Stupid.
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  10. Glad I wasnt the only one. I added my school team only to find it wasnt there... Also, Duplicating players doesnt work (

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