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Cant load Editor

  1. Cant load Editor

    Hello friends,

    Ive recently played FM2012 as my first go at this franchise, and loved it, some 500 hours in a month...bloody brilliant. I got into the editing side of things and enjoy a laugh when one of my saved games, consisting of entirely unbeatable players flogs the rest of the Blue Square Bet North teams haha.

    I got the FM2013 beta and now have full access, and have tested out my beloved editor, i made a few small changes (just a few players, nothing drastic) amd when i load up the game itself, i tick the box to change database, and i can select my saved database, but when i enter my new manager and choose the team of custom players, they arent there...?

    I went back to FM2012 and done it all over again, and it works fine, i just seem to be having trouble with FM2013

    Is there something im doing wrong? how can i load my database when starting a new game but the changes not be there when i get into the game?

    Please help an old fool!

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    Theres an issue where the data for created players can't be extracted from the editor. SI are working on resolving the issue

  3. phew!!.

    For a moment there, i thought my poor brain was going to explode.

    Thanks heaps!
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  4. has this been solved? i cant seem to load a database....theres no option for me to pick one??

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