Editor Crash

  1. Editor Crash

    When i load up editor, theres just a black screen with a blue loading circle? its not responding either, whats wrong?]


  2. I've got the exact same problem! Pretty annoying! Anybody know the solution for this?

  3. HELP!!! i have the same problem as NaTHx9. help would be much appreciated

  4. I have had the editor working but now the exact same thing is happening to me, must be the same with everyone? not sure if you unistall then install again if that will make a difference? just gona leave it 24 hours then try again tbh.

  5. still having the same problem....its ridiculous!!!

  6. Im having the same problem.. the first time i ever loaded it, it worked fine. after that its the same problem with the black screen and the blue loading circle. having to ctrl alt del to end task. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the editor many times and even unistalling and reinstalling the game itself, and still no luck.. Driving me crazy

  7. I was having exactly the same problem until I found a fix this morning. Initially my editor was working and then I was getting the black screen with the blue circle issue.

    I found the fix via http://www.sigames.com/faq/fm13.php?id=74

    You need to delete your editor cache files and information on how this is done is found with the above link. This link has all the information you need. After I followed the instructions I got the editor to work again. It means I've lost my previous updates but at least it is working again. Hope this helps.

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