Removing Administration

  1. Removing Administration

    I've been trying to take Portsmouth out of administration, but no matter what I try, they are still in it when I start a new game. I've tried the obvious (making sure the Administration is unticked under the finances tab, removing all debt, adding a new chairman) and it doesn't work. Am I missing something?

    Weirdly, the admin box seems to be unticked in the editor on all teams actually in admin by default. Is this just a problem with the editor?

  2. I must admit i've been putting some teams in Admin and debts that are so high they shouldn't be able to get out of yet 3 months later they are out of it...

  3. does anybody know how fix this

  4. When you go into the editor, go into the debts of the administrated team, make the debt tiny, then change the end date of the debt to be payed to about a week from when the payments start, e.g start date with portsmouth is 1.8.12 so make the last payment 7.8.12, thats what i did and it worked.

  5. Isn't there an additional file that lets you add or remove teams in administration. You could feasibly just untick it before starting a save and they would not be in administration at the start of the game.

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