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England Levels 7 and 8

  1. England Levels 7 and 8

    I've made playable levels 7 and 8 from the English league system. Only played 1 month so far and it's the first release so it may not be perfect. Included are the :Isthmian Premier, Southern Premier and Northern Premier, plus each leagues respective regionals. Regional cups are also included, however due to real life fixture problems (where they play cup rounds over what can be months) they are not 100% true to life, however the formats are near 100%. The leagues ignore future restructuring and use the system that has been in use up to last season, ignoring the changes that have/will be made to accomodate next years influx of new teams. As v1 this file isn't perfect as alluded to, so any feedback will help. Thanks Levels 7 and download - 2shared
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  2. hello how do i add it into the game once ive downloaded it?

  3. Documents, Sports Interactive, FM 2013, editor data

  4. SMcManus84's Avatar SMcManus84
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    Salute to you sir!!!

  5. i only seem to have documents, sports interactive, fm 2012, then only a sounds folder? do i have to make the folder myself?

  6. Yeah make it yourself, thanks SMcManus, who you starting as? Like I said let me know any faults (and i'm sure there are many since this was only done in a day)

  7. This looks very good, any chance of Step 5/6 Leagues soon?

  8. Mine which is in the downloads section and in the forum I have done this update to level 9,

  9. Can you upload the file to a different site? I can't get it to download from 2shared.

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