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Leto's Europe for FM13
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  1. Leto's Europe for FM13

    Hi there,

    I've decided to remake my 'dream-Europe' like I did for FM10. This means activating nations that have qualifying teams for European competitions with at least a league and domestic cup. But this time this will only be the first step, but most probably what most managers that are into more nations are looking for though, so I'll try to finish the 'realistic Europe' first. I'll go into further detail later, first things first !

    So now I have started activating nations that aren't active when you start a base game. These nations are :
    Albania, 2 Tiers : Albania v1.1
    Andorra, 2 Tiers : Andorra v1.0
    Armenia, 2 Tiers (used the future competition layout) : Armenia v1.0
    Azerbaijan, 2 Tiers : Azerbaijan v1.0
    Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2 Tiers : Bosnia & Herzegovina v1.0
    Cyprus, 3 Tiers (can't replicate midtable playoff so did a split, Promotions/relegations like the old system. Added 3 teams) : Cyprus v1.0
    Estonia, 2 Tiers : Estonia v1.0
    Faroe Islands, 3 Tiers (added the B-teams for first and second division) : Faroe Islands v1.0
    Georgia, 3 Tiers : Georgia v1.1
    Kazakhstan, 2 Tiers : Kazakhstan v1.0
    Latvia, 2 Tiers (corrected some B-teams) : Latvia v1.0
    Lithuania, 2 Tiers : Lithuania v1.0
    Luxemburg, 2 Tiers (added 5 teams) : Luxembourg v1.0
    FYR Macedonia, 2 Tiers : FYR Macedonia v1.0
    Malta, 3 Tiers (added 6 teams) : Malta v1.0
    Moldova : in moderation queue
    San Marino
    Bonus (Non-Europe) :

    I'll add download links as soon they are uploaded and approved here. I test every file thoroughly, nobody likes sudden errors or leagues that stop working after 10 seasons. Every file I put here will have survived a 100 years into the game without problems
    Together with the existing leagues this makes a total of 52 playable European nations + 4 close to Europe (bigger transfer market !).
    Liechtenstein has no league, FC Vaduz plays in Switzerland.

    I try to remake every league and cup as close to reality as I can find info, but some things I implemented for gameplay's sake. Also there are a lot of 'colorless' teams in the lower leagues, I try to edit most of them as it's boring to only have blue-white teams. Teams I can't get info from I'll add a random shirt.

    These are rules or every nation I activate :
    - Matches in all competitions have 7 bench players.
    - League sorting rules : Goal difference > Goals For > Matches between teams (once league has finished).
    - Main team plays on saturday, reserve and U20 teams play on sunday.
    - A reserve team and a U20 team (with main club division groups).
    - Removed all existing 3rd teams from teams in these nations so every team has a U21 team.
    - TV matches : 1. This is moved to sunday.
    - TV money : about 50% of the League winning prize money.
    - FA Cup prize money : about 50% of the League winning prize money. Runner up takes 25%.
    - Super Cup prize money (if present) : about 25% of the League winning prize money for winner.
    - No league prize money/TV money for leagues other than the top tier.
    - Transfer windows for leagues crossing new year : 1 July until 31 August and 1 January until 31 January
    - Transfer windows for leagues starting after new year : 1 January until 28 February and 1 July until 31 July.
    - Discipline rules : yellow -> 3,6,9, red -> 1 match ban for every red card.
    - Season breaks added according to real life (as close as possible).
    - Highest league -> Match : 5 Homegrown players, Squad : 7 Homegrown players.
    - 2nd division -> Match : 7 Homegrown players, Squad : 11 Homegrown players
    - 3rd division -> 9 ,15 etc..
    - Cups have no player restrictions.

    If you don't like some of these rules, just remove them in the editor

    This will be released as the 'realistic Europa' package

    When this are finished I plan on remaking every league in Europe to a standardised layout. The plan is to make every league like the Italian league (2010 system). This means :
    - Top Tier : 20 teams, 3 automatic relegations, no playoffs for relegation
    - Second Tier : 1 division, 22 Teams, 2 automatic promotions + 1 in a 4 team playoff. 3 automatic relegation, 1 decided between 18th and 19th.
    - Third Tier : 2 divisions of 18 teams, 2 automatic promotions, 2 decided in playoffs. 2 automatic relegations, 4 decided in playoffs.
    - Fourth Tier : 3 divisions of 18 teams, 3 automatic promotions, 3 decided in playoffs. 3 automatic relegations, 6 decided in playoffs.
    - Main Cup : modeled like the English FA Cup
    - Super Cup

    Some nations don't have 20 teams to just fill the first tier, I'll probably go for an 8 or 10 team first tier in those cases.

    For now I have plans to make a version with TV and Prize money based on population, one based on reputation, and one equally distributed. I'll be adding lots of awards and maybe even alternative European cups based on region.

    Now why would I do this? Because I think it could be fun to play in some form of fair or ideal Europe, where every country can develop top teams. I could go very far in this, but I haven't decided how far I will go. I guess it depends on the time I have.
    Last edited by leto2626; 29/11/2012 at 07:11 PM.

  2. #2
    this sounds perfect lmao

    i would love to play a kazakhstan league lmao
    i dont have the time to research thigns into it though

    I will be following this, if you need extra testing, feel free to send me anything and i shall test for you ?

    I would be happy to help

  3. I'm looking for Estonian league. If you want me to test it, it would be a pleasure

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Sammow View Post
    I'm looking for Estonian league. If you want me to test it, it would be a pleasure
    Practically done, just have to give colors to some of the least known clubs.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by leto2626 View Post
    Practically done, just have to give colors to some of the least known clubs.
    Oh my god, you are my hero!

    You know when it will be available?

  6. In weekends I don't have too much time so I guess I'll finish it bij monday evening

  7. Okay, I can't wait!

  8. Estonia is in the queue for 2 days now, moderators having a busy time I guess

  9. How do I add xml files? Just treat it like a .dbc file?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Vince Harvie View Post
    How do I add xml files? Just treat it like a .dbc file?
    Just put then in the folder My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/editor data . Then when you start a new career you can select which *.xml files you want to use, the new nations will be selectable.

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