I'm having an issue with a hardcoded kit that I cant remove (2d and 3d).

Gateshead (Blue Sq Prem) seem to have a hardcoded home & away kit. I've looked in the graphics.fmf file with the Resource Archiver and can't find the corresponding 2d or 3d kit. I didn't have any kit packs added in my documents/sports interactive/fm 2013/graphics folder that were implementing the kit either.

I have even tried adding a kit pack, then removing the image for the Gateshead kit to hopefully overwrite and 'blank out' any existing kit. But still their hardcoded kits appear (in both 2d and also the 3d match engine).

Just to confirm, my team colours are fine for text etc... - the kits are showing up correctly on the tactics pitch/subs bench, but the hardcoded ones are appearing in the main club info screen and also in the match engine.

Is there something I've missed?