I like to pick strange nations like Luxembourg and San Marino and create inside of them a sort of fantasy league. It always worked with previously FM games, but not with FM13 and don't understand why. I get the same problem with Luxembourg league and San Marino one. No bugs if I play a unmodified season with Italy, France etc.

Curiosly, the first season plays perfectly and crash happens ALWAYS at the end of August 2013, just before the end of transfer window, but it's not related because I tried to change the window ending and nothing changes.

What I found very strange is that these teams of my fantasy league don't participate to european cups. The Champions League simply begins without "luxembourg'" teams, but the Europa League doesn't starts at all! If I go in the EL page, it says that the competion will start in 4 July 2013 even though is passed.

Any idea about how to avoid the crash?

I attach here my savegame and the related crash dump. I hope you could help. Thanks!

ps: sorry for my english!

crash dump: