Robin Van Persie Injury Proneness

  1. Robin Van Persie Injury Proneness

    He's incredible in my tactic, but weak like a glass man. I open FM editor and his Injury proneness is 16! That means he will get hurt like every match he plays. Do you think it is relevant for me to make a database change, like reducing Persie's proneness to 13? (equivalent to Tom Cleverley, still Injury proneness anyway). What do you think, guys?

    I hate cheating so a bit embarrassed. But I also don't want to sell Persie. Chicharito is good but Persie IRL is a Man utd star.

  2. Robwiks's Avatar Robwiks
    AIK Rotation
    Either you cheat, or you don't. Why do you ask us if you should do it or not? Its up to you if you want to cheat in your save or not.

    Truth is he IS very injury prone.

  3. Almost as injury prone as falcao only played a handful of games for me in 2 years

  4. @Robwiks I know. I just want to hear you guys' opinions
    @joshb finally I decide to leave him original. Deal with these guys hehe

  5. @dzunglv how do you use Van Persie / what is your tactic? I cant get him to score!

  6. I recon you should do it as rvp is injured some of the time but not all past few seasons he has had a good few injury free runs

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