i´ll get the FM 2013 next week.
Therefore I´m looking for the follwing add ons
- Monaco league system (Monaco as a new country, competing to the quali für the em 2016)
- German lower leagues (tier 5, perhaps if possible tier 6)
- German DFB-Cup with 128 (instead of 64) teams with all teams tier 1-3
- German Reserve league (all Reserveteams in regular tiers will be exchanged)
The Champions League (only with the Champions of each country (and winners of the past UEFA-Competions)
the old CUP WINNERS CUP (with all Cup WInners of the european countries)
The European League (UEFA-Cup)

And I don´t want that teams will participate in 2 UEFA-Cups in one league (a false in the FM 2011 and the Cup Winners Cup)

Is there anything still existing?
Is there anyone who can make some of these databases?
It would be great