change sub rules/prize money help

  1. change sub rules/prize money help

    I am looking to change sub rules/prize money for uefa champions league/europa league via comps .xml file

    I do not want to recreate the whole 2 comps in editor just change the xml file.....however I am unable to find it can someone please assist


  2. I am running this file which is from FM12 where sub rule/prize money has been edited for english prem only and this runs fine(it is loaded in the editor data in FM13)
    please can someone explain what I have to do to get the champs league/ europa league to also change sub rules/prize money
    I obviously have located the comps.dbc file and changed it in editor to a xml file then used notepad +++ to change sub rules (I am not sure how to change prize money) and what do I do with file after edit, and is there any other comp files that have to be changed too as in the updates section of FM13 I see there are several sub folders named 1301/1302/1310/1312/1313......1301/1302 both have comps.dbc files ......the other 3 updates do not have a comps folder.
    sorry to be a pain but if you could assist would be much appreciated

  3. bump.....

  4. any help with this please


  5. hey mate. here i am finnaly so if you still need my help just ask...

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