change sub rules/prize money help

  1. change sub rules/prize money help

    I am looking to change sub rules/prize money for uefa champions league/europa league via comps .xml file

    I do not want to recreate the whole 2 comps in editor just change the xml file.....however I am unable to find it can someone please assist


  2. I am running this file which is from FM12 where sub rule/prize money has been edited for english prem only and this runs fine(it is loaded in the editor data in FM13)
    please can someone explain what I have to do to get the champs league/ europa league to also change sub rules/prize money
    I obviously have located the comps.dbc file and changed it in editor to a xml file then used notepad +++ to change sub rules (I am not sure how to change prize money) and what do I do with file after edit, and is there any other comp files that have to be changed too as in the updates section of FM13 I see there are several sub folders named 1301/1302/1310/1312/1313......1301/1302 both have comps.dbc files ......the other 3 updates do not have a comps folder.
    sorry to be a pain but if you could assist would be much appreciated

  3. bump.....

  4. any help with this please


  5. hey mate. here i am finnaly so if you still need my help just ask...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by krlenjuska View Post
    hey mate. here i am finnaly so if you still need my help just ask...
    Hi, can you help me? Sorry if that's been too long, but I still play FM 2013

    I'm trying to change TV prize money, maybe a couple of dates and rules (like subs, or the nu,ber of non-EU players in the squad) and a couple of youth\reserves things in Spain. How can I do it without creating EVERY god damn thing from the scratch in advanced editor?

    It seems to me that there's a way to upload some existing rules file(s) to the Editor and then just correct the things you need in advanced editor (e.g. change the numbers of TV money, or th enumvers of subs etc, but keep things like schedule or TV dates as they are). Is it true? And if yes, then how can I do it?

    Thanks, would really appreciate any help (especially since I have to go back to university in a couple of weeks'time and really want to get these editor preparations done)).

  7. Please man do that it would be superb and post it please

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