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    SPL Reconstruction Plans Edit

    Hi folks, Im planning on doing my first custom league creation for FM 2013 using the new SPL proposals.

    They consist of the following:

    24 Professional Football Teams in Scotland, 18 Semi-Pro.

    2 Professional leagues of 12:

    SPL1 & SPL2
    Home & Away fixtures, coming to 22 Games.


    3 Professional leagues of 8:

    Point tallys becoming rest within the respective "mini-league"
    Home & Away fixtures, bringing a total over a season to 36.

    Top 2 of the Middle division getting automatic promotion for SPL1, bottom 2 of the middle division automatically getting relegated to SPL2 for the next season.

    Bottom 2 teams of the Bottom "mini-league" automatically relegated with the top 2 from the 14 team league gaining promotion, and a play off 3rd from bottom vs 3rd from top respectively.


  2. Its actually the top four of the middle division going to the top division for the next season, with the bottom four going to the SPL2. I would like to know myself though.

  3. I actually did this a couple of games ago when I had the idea. Never thought it would come true haha! Well you would have 2 rounds of fixtures before the split so that accounts for the first 22 matches. Then you would set a split at 8th and set the first section to have two rounds and the second section to have zero. Then make a relegation play off with 4 teams from each division in it and set it to a league. This is the part I can't remember so much, I'm not sure how to set the play off to have two rounds of matches. I'll maybe have a try at it later.

  4. I think I did it by doing a 14 team SPL so it split at 10th place and only one other round of fixtures was needed but it was uneven games

  5. have you managed to get the leagues working?

  6. I might have a proper go at this for a first time online project. Any suggestions how to get the relegation play off to go two rounds?

  7. i have this working ok at the moment. i can forward it to you if u fancy tweaking it more?

  8. when you set up a playoff it does ask you how many rounds you want it to go

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