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[FM13 - Fantasy] Mondialito 2013 (12 Levels /1170 teams)

  1. [FM13 - Fantasy] Mondialito 2013 (12 Levels /1170 teams)


    Who has never dreamed of leading the best team in the world? Or prove he is the best manager in the world? With the update Mondialito possible. Take control of one of the playable teams and participate in 1170 World Championship Mondialito! Go to Division 12 with FC Inter Bom-Bom, Divison of 9 with Danubio, Division 6 with Friboug, Division 3 with Bordeaux or the Super Division 1 with FC Barcelona (Or Benfica) ... Choose your team and face challenges around the world. In this update at least 2 teams in the world Country options are shown (so you have a choice), divisions were created by reputation.

    Cette update vous permet de jouer avec 12 divisions et 7 coupes :

    - Super Division 1 (D1) 18 clubs
    - Division 2 (D2) 2 groupes de 18
    - Division 3 (D3) 2 groupes de 18
    - Division 4 (D4) 4 groupes de 18
    - Division 5 (D5) 4 groupes de 18
    - Division 6 (D6) 4 groupes de 18
    - Division 7 (D7) 8 groupes de 18
    - Division 8 (D8) 8 groupes de 18
    - Division 9 (D9) 8 groupes de 18
    - Division 10 (D10) 8 groupes de 18
    - Division 11 (D11) 8 groupes de 18
    - Division 12 (D12) 8 groupes de 18

    - O Copa (Coupe Principale)
    - Master Cup (D1/D2)
    - Best Cup (D3/D4)
    - Medium Cup (D5/D6)
    - Test Cup (D7/D8)
    - Fun Cup (D9/D10)
    - Little Cup (D11/D12)

    - Reserves
    Installation :
    1- Mettre le dossier dans C:\Users\nom d'utilisateur\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\editor data (Créez le dossier si besoin est).
    2- Créer une nouvelle partie et selectionner le fichier "Mondialito"
    3- Cocher la nation MONDIALITO en Océanie (en bas)
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  2. Hallo.I try to download it and give it a go but it doens't let me.I register myself but nothing! Any help?

  3. I send to you a private message.

  4. Mamu_1989's Avatar Mamu_1989
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    Manchester United, Huddersfield Rotation
    how can i download it :/?

  5. is it good? i want some feedback as it's a large download for my it worth it???

  6. it isn't a large download but you must have a good PC for use this correctly (Big Database but they are 2 teams of every country over the world).

    But is ot worth ? Yes ^^ LOL ...

  7. Hey Timo I'd really fancy trying this out! Although when I hit the download-button I get redirected to this site:

    Made In Timo

    And there the downloads doesn't seem to work for me. Can you please post an alternate download-site or something?

    Thanks in advance mate!

  8. I am getting the same thing. Can't figure out how to download it.

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