Tricky relegation/promotion problem

  1. Tricky relegation/promotion problem

    I'm working on anew databse edit and have come across a few issues that someone will hopefully be able to help with:

    1) In a pyramid based system i am looking to have a relegation playoff in a similar manner to the scottish league system, 1 from the higher league and 3 from the lower league playoff over 2 legs for the higher league spot. I managed, on a basic ladder league system, to get it to work, however when moved into the pyramid system i get errors about a mis-match in relegated and promoted teams. What seems to be happening is that the system is counting the 3 relegated teams from the playoff into the total from that step in they pyramid, and cannot find the promotions to go with it from the next step down.

    2) Without using the above playoff set-up, when setting specific leagues from teams to be relegated to, the system seems to ignore any value in the 'Number of relegated teams' box. I've had 8 teams marked for automatic relegation, and 8 teams for promotion (some through promotion playoffs), but the systems gives an error saying 0 teams are being relegated.

    Hopefully someone understands my explaination, if not, and you're willing to help, pm me and i'll upload some screenshots or the test files i'm working on.

    TL;DR - Read it again, it'll make less sense if i shorten it.

  2. i usally edit leagues to if u want to upload screenshots or send me file and ill ave a look at it because i didnt understand any of that haha

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