I need someone with FMRTE

  1. I need someone with FMRTE


    I need someone who paied for FMRTE and can save games with it... I have savegame with Man Utd, and there is a bug with extending Ryan Giggs contract, i already reported it to SI and they are working on it. But this can take weeks, and i want to play my save during holidays.

    So if anyone is that nice, i would send him my save file and than he would extend ryans contract for one or two years that would be great.

    I would pay 5$ for fmrte but i don't have paypal. And even if i had it, it would still be a waste of money because i don't usualy use software like this...

    Would really appriciate it

  2. Hallo.I have pay and i have used FMRTE.If you like i can help you! You don't need to pay me any money.

    Cheers mate


  3. Could you please email me at DELETED and i will send you my save file.

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  4. ok.I will do that right away!

  5. Is there anyone else with fmrte, because we were not able to resolve my issue?

  6. anyone?

  7. what ya need help with ?

  8. What's the bug?

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