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  1. No search bar

    Hi all

    When I load the editor up and the database I don't have the option to type anything in. I have all options on the left hand side I.e. clubs players etc

    can anyone help???

  2. I have the same problem, only happened tonight.

    I have done:

    (i) deleted cache folder
    (ii) verify integrity of tool cache
    (ii) uninstalled/reinstalled

    No joy, so i then uninstalled it using IObit Uninstaller, which also removes any left over associated files. I then ran tweak power now and that removed any reg files or temp files associated to fm editor.

    I then restarted and reinstalled fm editor but still nothing.

    Please anyone able to advise

  3. It's so annoying as I want to update the managers at the clubs

  4. Latest update fcked editor up ye..

  5. same problem here. hopeful there will be a solution soon...

  6. To use the editor you need to change the language and then change it back to your language.

    View this thread for more info:

    ****update - I have tried this solution but still no search bar******
    Last edited by hufcchesh; 21/12/2012 at 01:55 AM.

  7. Having the same issue... so annoying because I'm in the middle of a database I'd been working on for the past couple of weeks --"

    Edit. Just tried changing the language and it worked!

  8. what did you do then?

    I loaded editor then change to French then loaded database then changed back to english but nothing?

  9. I loaded the editor, loaded database , changed language to dansk, then changed it back to english and it worked

  10. Still no luck for me

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