I've done a european super league that has many regional divisions at the lower tiers. They work fine (teams going into appropriate leagues) when I load this database on its own. I've also done a south american super league and when I load both databases at once, the teams in the regional divisions are shuffled around, here is an example:

Regional Divisions Issue-regionaldivisionseason1.pngRegional Divisions Issue-regionaldivisionseason2.pngRegional Divisions Issue-regionaldivisionseason3.png
The region is Spain and everything starts off fine with all spanish teams in the division.
After the first season, the division is made up of completely different teams (although they are the same teams in every game).
In the subsequent seasons, the teams are not shuffled around any further.

This shuffling of the teams after the first year completely ruins the regional divisions and I just can't figure out why it does this.

Any help would be appreciated,