Advanced Rules?

  1. Micky Pain's Avatar Micky Pain
    SpVgg Bayreuth First Team

    Advanced Rules?

    I know it's getting increasingly harder to enable those hidden features in the editor, and SI doesn't condone and yada yada, but I still have to ask:

    Does anyone here know how to enable the custom rules/panel/list view in the editor in this version?
    Or give me a nudge in the right direction?
    Or send me a PM about it if it can't be posted here?

    Any help is appreciated guys...


  2. Have u heard anything about custom rules/panel/list view yet?

  3. Micky Pain's Avatar Micky Pain
    SpVgg Bayreuth First Team
    Nothing concrete, really.
    All I know is that it's kind of like fight club - the first rule of advanced panel is, you do NOT talk about advanced panel.
    But it seems to be working, as there are a few custom/modified leagues that obviously use the advanced rules.

    So, anyone know how to activate it or have a decent work-around, please PM me...

  4. this thread, in particular the posts in it by voasy is all i've seen about it this year. The bits I understnad make sense and with my very limited knowledge of it, it does sound similar to what I did last year to make the continent field editable but that's as far as my knowledge goes.

    Advanced editor for FM 2013

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