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My English llm editor-level 12
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  1. My English llm editor-level 12

    I just lost what i wrote coz internet went funny-so i keep it short

    Working on a level 12 database. 14 leagues per tier, with some local football ending lower tiers then others. Local football feeder system
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  2. Good luck! Looking forwarded to it :-)

  3. Bump..

    How's it going? any news?

  4. Im working on it now again, sorry had pc problems and work etc. To make database 'local' i had to re-think the structure as leagues per tier had to 'fit-in' with above tier (How to keep the football-LOCAL). I give you update tonight. Im working next 2 nights then 4 nights off.

    Taking its time but it will be worth the wait, making it all localised with a sunday league feel at the bottom tiers. Keep you updated on tonights progress. Re-starting on tier 10 now

  5. Did 'kits', 'year formed' and 'city' on all tiers 1-9 and have continued with this. Will continue on with other leagues now.

    Tier 9 (as irl and in addition);

    The new 'London Premier'-20 teams

    Tier 10 (league region name abbreviated followed by number of teams)(as irl and in addition);

    All teams will play to the 'local' ruling (ie-regional boundaries will be set AND tested-this wont be easy!)

    NW-22 (includes the extinct 'Chester City'-former league 2)
    UC-19 (includes the extinct 'Rushden and Diamonds'-former league 2)
    London League 1st division-20 furthur London teams.

    Isle Of Wight league-10 top 'Isle Of Wight' teams compete, of which all teams share a 'field'
    ('field'=0 capacity=wear & tear pitch effects from sharing=extreme low reputation for Isles Of Wight football as is the irl challenge for any team from this league to progress into mainstream football), for a 'sunday league feel'.

    Channel Islands league-14 teams; 7 top 'Guernsey' teams and 7 top 'Jersey' teams compete, of which all teams share 2 'fields'. Each of the 2 Islands have a 'field' each (simular philosophy to Isle Of Wight) for a sunday league feel.

    Tier 9=15 leagues (4 down each league)
    Tier 10=20 leagues (3 up)

    Tier 11

    Have yet to decide the structure here but all teams will play to the 'local ruling'. Clubs also to share 'grounds' or 'fields' dependant on the tier and league. Teams also play on sundays.

    Lucky teams will share a 50 seater mini stadium and the extreme lowest will have just a 'field' to share.
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  6. Tier 9

    London Premier (20 teams);

    Beaumont Athletic
    (northest point)
    Clapham Rovers (ancient FA cup winners)
    Clapton Orient (Pre-current day Leyton Orient)
    Croydon Municipal
    Fisher Athletic
    Kingsbury London Tigers
    Kingsbury Town
    Leyton Pennant
    Leytonstone (ancient club)
    Richmond Borough
    Ruislip Manor
    Slade Green
    Windsor and Eton

    Tier 10;

    London Division 1 (20 teams);

    Barking and East Ham
    Crescent Rovers
    Eton Wick (ancient club)
    Highbury Harriers (amateur fictional team that plays at Highbury)
    Leyton Wingate
    Leytonstone & Ilford
    London XI
    London Caledonians
    Martin Baker
    The Casuals (ancient club)
    Tufnell Park
    Viking Greenford
    Walthamstowe Avenue
    Wanderers (1st ever FA cup winnners)
    Wimbledon (ex-premier outfit; plays at Plough Lane)
    Wormley Rovers (northest point)

    Isles Of Wight league (10);

    Ryde Sports
    Northwood St Johns
    Osborne Coburg
    Pan Sports

    Channel Islands league (14);

    Belgrave Wanderers
    Guernsey Rangers
    Guernsey Rovers
    Jersey Scottish
    Jersey Wanderers
    Rozel Rovers
    St Belade
    St Lawrence
    St Martins
    St Pauls
    St Peter
    Vale Recreation
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  7. What tier 11 leagues?

    Hackney and Leyton sunday leagues will deffo happen between tiers 11-15. There will be 5 stadia versions of the 'Hackney Marshes'. The best stadia to be shared will be as follows;

    Tier 11=40 capacity
    Tier 12=30
    Tier 13=20
    Tier 14=10
    Tier 15=0

    What other leagues, would you like to see from tier 11, for a 'sunday local feel'-could be any league from tier 11 irl or any 'sunday league'. I need answers, coz if i get no input, i may just stick with the one sunday league region as i am indecisive to what leagues to have as there are too many.

    I will then focus on;

    Regional boundaris set-up
    Regional boundaries testing #2
    Regional boundaries results #2

    Database will be ready after that
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  8. The 'Sunday League' feel;

    Hackney Marshes-South Complex=Hackney & Leyton Premier Sunday League=40 capacity

    Hackney Marshes-North Stand=Hackney & Leyton Sunday League 1=30 capacity

    Hackney Marshes-Victoria Park=Hackney & Leyton Sunday League 2=20 capacity

    Hackney Marshes-Mabley Green=Hackney & Leyton Sunday League 3=10 capacity

    Hackney Marshes-Weavers Field=Hackney & Leyton Sunday League 4=0 capacity

    Each league has 11 irl amateur teams and each team has fairly accurate kits as the irl reflects. 88 pitches are used irl, but irl the council thought the local football was 'over-used' at the Hackney Marshes. £300,000 had to be paid to use the facilities as was the thought of been 'over-used'.

    In my database, only 5 pitches are used. 'Pitch sharing' (in my database) started in the Isle Of Wight and Channel Island League (tier 10), to give a 'sunday football feeling'. As irl, football pitches are shared and given the current 'financial crisis' (why should the council pay to 're-lay' the pitch) it adds to the realism of the database reflecting that 'sunday football' as being 'just a kick-about'.
    You may have to play the 'long-ball' for at least one of your tactics as pitches will be over-used, which kind off adds a 'sunday football' element anyways.
    I hope you like the idea of
    'keeping it local' and with a 'sunday league' feel.

    I may add furthur sunday league regions, but in order to do this, i will need to know any requests asap (i dont seem to be getting any ;-)).

    I am also going to add to the 'Isle Of Wight' & 'Channel Island' tiers to at least have some format of having the 'FA Sunday Cup'.

    I have also added to The above 2 regional leagues;

    Isle Of Wight Sunday league (tier 11) -10 teams (no reserve teams as always)
    Channel Islands Sunday league (tier 11) -14 teams (7 each from the 2 islands)

    I will set the league boundaries and then do the cups (will mimic as irl);

    2 up/2 down between tier 10 & tier 11
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  9. How to keep the football-LOCAL will be where i post my tier 10-15 regional boundaries 2nd testing (holidaying 1 season) and of which, the following leagues will be looked at;

    London Premier and Wessex League (tier 9-as not tested since the additional London league);
    London division 1, Channel Islands Premier and the Western League (tier 10);
    Hackney & Leyton Sunday Premier and Channel Islands sunday league (tier 11);

    I will also study the Northern north League (tiers 9 & 10), as more focus is on at the south of England for the lower tiers and this region needs looking at as every league is affected by 'keeping it local'.

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  10. Holidaying a season and its running smoothly so far (september). As wanted, no fans turning up at the sunday morning matches (having tier 10 Isle Of Wight & Channel Islands also playing sunday mornings aswell as tier 11 downwards).

    Hoping to pass the 'keeping it local-part 2 experiment'. I will let you know the results. I think the 'pass' mark will have to be at least 90% to get the desired 'local effect'. It was hard to set the league boundaries for tier 9, but even harder to set for tier 10. To accomplish this 2nd test succesfully, will really be a great achievement if conquered first time round.

    Hopefully, i could concerntrate on the cups, later on in the day/night. ALL cups as irl, even the ones for the sunday football leagues will be done.

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