English lower league borders help

  1. English lower league borders help

    What to do;

    Do i not bother with boundaries so teams are in the right local leagues just for the first season, or do i do it properly?

    I think i understand that in order to most often play local football, you need to change the amount of teams per league to the range of 10-24 in order to keep it local and enough teams to compete?

    Though, in order to do a very long winded local English tier system, that stays 'local' i am having trouble with league borders. What Latitude and longitude is acceptable per following;

    -Blue square north/south
    -Regional prem
    -Regional 1st
    -County Leagues (1st level)

    From the 10th tier, i will try to use 1 league if possible for promotion/relegation to simplify the boundaries by copying tier 9.

    Can anyone give me the boundaries please that has worked well for the above levels? I plan to do lower tiers, where they even play on pitches with no stadium. Can anyone help please?
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  2. I HOPE i resolved the situation. What i did was put in the first 9 tiers and changed min-max teams range 10-24 teams and used lowest and highest altitudes/longitudes in each league combined with league borders from other leagues as a guide, for example from my results to establish the Kent borderlines;

    KENT (final results);

    London (north), Tunbridge Wells (south), London (West), (East=n/a as no county next to it).

    I cannot remember my exact approach but i think lets take these results for example to work on another league. Kents North could be Essex south, so there are no gaps. I did just a couple of cross-overs, but not many. I also set the relegations on my trial database, that i will test etc.

    I am holidaying a whole season to see if the teams match up locally (at least half of them to be satisfied) and to see if the number of teams in each league, vary from the 1st season. This is what i desire, because then i know, that teams will play local football at least most of the time and that the league changes reflect that.

    I will be adding a league to tier 9. For example; i could do a defunct London League. The reason i have to add a league is because otherwise 7 teams form EACH league from tier 8 will be relegated, for this to work. I cannot set the promotions/relegations manually either, because i have a feeling that it wont work? I could be wrong. Even if i am not wrong, if i was not to do this, then some leagues will be biased for relegation/promotion slots, which wouldnt be fair.

    I will also tweak league boundary longitudes and altitudes by one notch to expand leagues that have lost teams. Maybe a notch each way per team lost, but i will not decrease long/lat if leagues gain teams as minimal cross-over will be good?

    Having 15 leagues in tier 9, could limit tier 8 relegation to 5 teams per league being relegated.

    -This is just a basic guideline i figured out. I saved 2 databases and am testing this out. I am holidaying a whole season in order for this to work. Fingers cross because i am not confident. I will let you know of my findings and if successful, i will do a step-by-step guide of how to play locally.
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  3. Very happy, although, no league sizes altered (very confused as to why), very minimal amount of teams altered their local league from blue square north/south downwards! Lets take for example the united counties league;

    -3 teams; Quorn and Spalding got promoted into the english northern south league. Maybe or maybe not their favorerd league but it sounds they were put either in the right league or nearly the right league. As did Holbeach but maybe that is not as convincing, though not the worst league to be placed-maybe my range is not perfect? Maybe 2.5/3 there.

    -18 out of 18 teams (excluding the 3 promoted teams of course) remained in the league for the second consecutive year.

    -2 teams playing at tier 9 for the second consecutive year, moved into the United Counties league. Badshot Lea came from the Combined counties league; Rocester from the Kent league. Badshot Lea could, like Holbeach wasnt the best local league for season 2, but not the worst scenario-1/2 a point. Rocester, only a 1/4 of a point as not local at all but then again deserves a tiny bit of a well done due to at least playing not too far out. Just 3/4 out of 2.

    -Woodford United had been relegated from the Southern D1. Very good 1/1.

    -22.5/24=93.75% effective.

    -All other leagues look as good too!

    -This proves that i have set my boundaries about right, i am very happy and can continue in my work knowing the teams are in the right leagues or very near to the right league. I am very happy, although baffled as to why all the leagues remained the same size throughout tiers 6-9.

    -I will continue with my database and if anyone needs help to do the local leagues, i can give you the boundary settings that i have used per league. I hope some people will find this useful.
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