What local teams?

  1. What local teams?

    This topic links in with 'how to keep the football local' (so if you read that, then you will understand the meaning behind the database that i am working on, as i have to adjust the system slightly, so that teams stick to local leagues in seasons to come.
    Hence as to why, you may find i have to set the relegation/promotion slots on 'parent division', so to get the 'local football' i have to make some changes in the best interests of keeping it local.

    Tier 9 a new 'London League' is to be formed to make tier 9 have 15 leagues (defunct London clubs only please). 1 team i have is a created team called the 'Highbury Harriers', they are amateur but play at Highbury. At least 9 more teams wanted-they must be in London and defunct.

    Tier 10 20 leagues in this tier (3 added leagues) to make relegation/promotion run smoothly for the 'local factor'. London league continues but what other 2 league regions, deserves another league league on this tier?

    Tier 11 has been decided to add all other teams under 'continental cup competitions=England'. Teams will be placed in their most local league region, not sure on number of leagues here, but number of leagues will have to have good promotion/relegation ease of use from above tier. Highest rep/ highest status to be chosen first.

    Tier 12+ possible, as long as there are teams in the database that could be used.
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