Can I load new players into a saved game?

  1. Can I load new players into a saved game?

    I have had a play with the FM Editor and was wondering if it was possible to apply my edited 'database' to a saved game?

    The only thing I have done is created a new player (16 years old, with no club history, who will 'join a club' in July 2013)

    Is it possible to load this player into my saved game? (I am in February of 2013, so I am hoping that if it were possible to load this database into my saved game, that the player will 'spawn' like a regular regen would?

  2. i don't think so

  3. DaSiimM's Avatar DaSiimM
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    @SFolio is right. Any changes made in the editor can only be applied when starting a new save.

  4. No. But you can use FMRTE to edit the game and change someone who is already in the game and make him exactly how you want him.

  5. No you have to start a new game

  6. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Though you can use FMRTE be very cautious as it's been known to corrupt many a save with the infamous crash dump

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