adding graphics etc.

  1. adding graphics etc.

    So I've got various logo, kit and face megapacks however if there is a logo missing is their a way I could add it myself.

  2. Yes. You would add it exactly like you would add the other ones you have. You put it in the graphics folder.

  3. I've got kits, logo's, skin in the right folders and also have reload skin in game but nothing is coming up no logo's or the skin or the kits maybe in the wrong FM13 folder.

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    You need to edit the config.xml in the relevant folder.

    You go in the game to preferences, show unique IDs, see what ID belongs to the item you want to use the custom content to.

    You put the resource you want with that number as filename.

    Then open the config.xml in the folder, scroll down, see what's the structure of it and add the line for your item. Surely you can copy one of the others and change the other number with yours. Save and done.

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