Scottish Football Restructuring

  1. Scottish Football Restructuring

    Does anyone have any idea how i would go about trying to create this?
    top 2 leagues of 12 teams.
    after 22 games the 2 leagues split into 3 groups of 8. All points are then reset and each group plays for title/europe/promotion/relegation.
    the third league will be a 18 team league

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated

  2. I think you may have to have another idea as it may be too complex for the editor to understand?

    You may have to come up with a new 'spin'? Plenty of ideas out there.

    Good idea to re-structure the Scottish leagues, think they need it irl in a big way.

  3. i managed to sort it with a bit of tinkering. i think. just about coming up to the time of the split in my test season so fingers crossed

  4. Reconstruction

    There is a FM Patch made by that you can download..but im quite new to patches e.t.c so how do i load it? The Link for the patch is Explained: How the Scottish football league reconstruction model would work | Aberdeen | Sport | STV

    6 paragraphs down ..Click here to download..

    Installing the patch help would be very much appreciated

  5. Cheers mate.
    I hate stv now. i had sweated over that for 2 days trialling it and then fixing bugs only to find out they had beaten me to it.

  6. Hve they released another one? I struggling to get it to work!! Gagging to play it to see what it's like??

  7. i havn't tried the stv one i have been playing with my own. i can send it to you if you want to try it. it is'nt perfect as i am struggling to get the scottish cup back to its original format but you could always have a play about with that. I have also changed the prize money to make scottish football a bit more competetive but you could always change that back too.

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