Bayern munich B team help!!!!

  1. Bayern munich B team help!!!!

    bayern have a u23 team and a u19 team the u23 team has some good players BUT unlike the u19 team the u23 team does not play in a league so the players are wasted is there is there a way you can edited the data base and put the u23 team thats called bayern ll in the league below like they have in spain with barcelona B and they have made it so even if they win there league they cant get promoted because then they would have two teams in the same league and maybe get rid of the worst team in the 3rd division and put the worst team from the 2nd in the 3rd if you catch my drift lol it would make loaning out players so easy too lol

  2. You should be able to open Bayern the club in the editor. On the left pane select the U23 team. Then you can assign them to a division from that screen. Not sure about the prevent promotion stuff. You may need to recreate the entire league structure to have that work out, or it may already be coded into those leagues.

  3. Not sure if this works, but have you made your settings before you started so that you had all the German leagues available? Cos atm Bayern II are playing in like one of those regional leagues below the 3rd division so unless you have made that league playable then itll just have them as not playing any games. I dno it might work haha

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