Celtic in Championship

  1. Celtic in Championship

    Hi guys looking for a bit of help here and thought this would be the place to come.

    Bit of a noob with this editor and cant work it.

    So was wondering if anybody got a link to Database with celtic playing in the championship or could possibly create one for me if not too much hassle.

    Any help much appreciated cheers.

  2. Anybody help me out here?

  3. Last try

  4. Get on editor and go to nation rules, England;

    Next go onto 'competitions';

    Add in the following filter;

    'based nation-England';

    Find championship league;

    Click on that and go to add teams (not add teams for next season);

    Find Celtic and click, you should then find 25 teams;

    MANY options here;

    You can either swap Celtic and put in the most northernist championship team to play in Scotland, just leave it, delete one of the other teams or make one of the other teams 'extinct' and make sure there not 'on that list' (so you have 24 or 25 teams).

    Save database;

    Make sure you load this database into your game (have to start a new game to do this);

    Sorry im in rush gtg to work now (im working 2 consecutive night shifts);

    I hope what i put makes sense?

  5. Will give it a try cheers mate

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