Editing question

  1. Editing question

    Hi I am looking for some help using the fm editor
    i am looking to move Celtic and rangers to the Npower league 2 however retain a presence in the Scottish premier.

    In short Npower is primary team and Scottish premier is reserve team.

    I want to be able to control both, is this possible

    i can get the teams into the respective divisions however can't control both.

    Thanks for you your help.

  2. Celtic First Team
    Controlling both isn't possible.

  3. ok thanks, thats a pity as was looking forward to pitting my wits on both fronts, i suppose the only way to do it and still retain the players is to set them up as a B team and transfer the players to that club

    Ideally i was wanting the scottish division team to be full of youngsters and manage their progress rather than sending them on loan.

    IF its not possible in cross border leagues is it possible to have a lower league team in the same country that acts as a feeder or b team etc that you can control. premiership team has a feeder club in the blue square for example.

    is it the cross border that wont allow or is it the entire concept of having a reserve team in a playable division.
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  4. hey why is it when I edit a player and change his stats all to 20 when I start the game up all his stats are 15/16 not 20 ?

  5. depends on his ca i think

  6. yeah I put the ca at 200 as well still same outcome all stats are 15/16 not 20 ?

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