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Tom Barnes- Filling the Trophy Cabinet
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  1. Tom Barnes- Filling the Trophy Cabinet

    Hi guys I'm back for FM13.

    I'm going to do a story with a top team who haven't won a top trophy for a long while but have won it in the past. e.g the Premier League.
    The teams I've chosen are:

    In my eyes the most obvious choice. Yes they did win the Carling Cup, but its not a major title. They haven't won a premier league and haven't won the UEFA Champions League since 2005. I support Liverpool and it would be a great if i could take them back to the top of Europe

    Good team. Haven't won a trophy in the past 6 YEARS (i think). It would be god to break that streal by winning the EPL or UCL

    Came Second in League 1 last year and have never won the UCL. Have top quality players and lots of cash.

    the last team to win the Liga BBVA before Real Madrid And Barca went on their tug of war streak. Have Never won the UCL. down side is I don't know the team that well.

    Well they are the choices. Will not be getting the game till about the 6-11th of November so that leaves plenty of time for people o cast their Votes.

    Its up to you to decide.

    P.S. The poll is multiple choice, just don't be idiots and choose all of them just 1 or 2. thanks
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  2. Voted Valencia, would be a cracking challenge with Barca, Real Madrid, Atletico to compete with!!
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Sam91 View Post
    Voted Valencia, would be a cracking challenge with Barca, Real Madrid, Atletico to compete with!!
    Thanks for the comment, It will be hard with the bid teams in the league but it will be good if i can get the results against Barca and Madrid, even if i just lost 1-0 I'd be estatic.

    VOTING UPDATE: Valencia have 2 votes on liverpool and Arsenal are catching up. PSG are trailing by quite a bit looks like they're out of the race. Keep the votes coming guys

  4. Just so you know I will be doing this story as a monthly report/update
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  5. keep the voting coming lads

  6. Will probably get the game on Tuesday as it's Melbourne Cup day. The save will make it's 'debut' on the 10th with what looks like Valencia. really pumped for who ever it is

  7. I have the game. just downloading facepacks and that
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    Newcastle United and Aberdeen Modern Day Legend
    I voted for PSG
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by KLIPPYBO View Post
    I voted for PSG
    Thx and I hope you follow when i start you'll follow. It looks like Valencia are running away with it

  10. Quick Question. Do you want me to do this story as the full game or FMC mode??

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