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  • Stoke

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  • Liverpool

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Lord of the Dugout - The Story of a Football Manager
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  1. Lord of the Dugout - The Story of a Football Manager

    Alright lads? Here is my first FM13 story, and the really original and never before done part is - you choose who I am! This will be a bit of a Journeyman save - I'll move on every few years or so, unless I get endeared to a club like Sam91 did in his Soton story in FM12 . So lads, the choices will be:

    - Man United - knocked off their perch by City last year, they have looked dodgy this season and not (in my opinion) strong enough for the title. Can I be the successor to Sir Alex?
    - Stoke City - Criticised often for being a " long ball team" and "dirty". Can I turn them into a team that plays brilliant football and wins trophies?
    - West Ham - The newly promoted Hammers have looked good this season, but can I make them into a great team?
    - Liverpool - I hate Liverpool as an Everton fan, but they have looked like a mid-table team recently. Can I take them to the dizzy heights of the Shankly era?

    Please vote lads, looking to get this story going by tomorrow night. Anyway, watch this space for further updates!

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  2. I voted stoke
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  3. Newcastle or West Ham

    I know Newcastle aren't on the list but still. It would be interesting story if you tried to keep it as realistic as possible (Stick to Newcastles' transfer policy)
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  4. thanks for the feedback lads, really appreciate it

  5. DanWalsallFC
    Walsall First Team
    I voted for Liverpool. Would be interesting to see how you go about transfers with limited funds and rebuilding the club.
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  6. Voted Stoke, would be interesting trying to change them into a top side
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  7. keep voting lads, itching to get started

  8. Huge Liverpool fan so you know who i voted for.
    p.s that goal last week should of been allowed

  9. @tommytorres I know, thats the brilliant part
    everyone get voting, very close at the moment!

  10. Will begin the story at around 4 today lads, really close votes so far!
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